What Chicago is Doing

When it comes to greening a city, Mayor Richard M. Daley sets a high bar for mayors and governors across the nation. Businesses have achieved huge gains in energy efficiency; unions have trained workers to install new renewable energy technologies; architects have built award-winning green buildings; environmental organizations have helped businesses and government to craft innovative green policies; museums, schools and universities have incorporated environmentally-friendly practices in their facilities and programs; and foundations have funded many of these efforts. Residents have done their share as well, taking numerous actions inside and outside their homes. Together, we are changing our city for the better.

Where We Have Been

The City of Chicago has long been dedicated to taking action to protect and preserve our natural environment. Below are the programs we are currently taking action towards:

Where We Are Going

The City of Chicago together with businesses and residents will need to work together and aggressively to meet the goals of the Chicago Climate Action Plan. View the list of programs and initiatives in development

How to Take Action


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