Improved Transportation Options

Every day, Chicagoans travel to a variety of places – they commute to work, drive to the store, go to the doctor, make a trip to the health club, go out for dinner. Currently 21 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced by cars, trucks, buses and trains. (This inventory excludes emissions from air travel, an approach that mirrors that of most other cities.) To lower emissions, a high-quality transportation system must include a mix of public transit, bicycling, walking, car sharing, energy-efficient vehicles and the development of transit-oriented neighborhoods. Chicagoans have many places to go, and they need a variety of convenient, energy-efficient ways to get there.

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1. Invest more in transit

Invest in transit improvements and boost Chicago’s transit system ridership by 30 percent = .83 MMTCO2e reduction*

2. Expand Transit Incentives

Provide incentives for transit use, such as pre-tax transit passes = .03 MMTCO2e reduction*

3. Promote Transit-Oriented Development

Encourage development focused on public transit, walking and bicycle use = .63 MMTCO2e reduction*

4. Make Walking and Bicycling Easier

Increase the number of walking and biking trips to one million a year = .01 MMTCO2e reduction*

5. Car Share and Carpool

Boost car sharing, carpooling and vanpooling = .5 MMTCO2e reduction*

6. Improve Fleet Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency of fleets in Chicago, including buses, taxis and delivery vehicles = .21 MMTCO2e reduction*

7. Achieve Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards

Advocate for the implementation of higher federal fuel efficiency standards = .51 MMTCO2 reduction*

8. Switch to Cleaner Fuels

Increase the supply and use of sustainable alternative fuels to Chicago vehicles = .68 MMTCO2e reduction*

9. Support Intercity Rail

Support intercity high-speed passenger rail plan

10. Improve Freight Movement

Faster, more efficient freight movement, including support for CREATE = 1.61 MMTCO2e reduction*

*MMTCO2e (million metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent) is the term for the quantity of any greenhouse gas, including carbon dioxide, methane and others, translated CO2 by weighing it by its relative global warming potential. A reduction of 1 MMTCO2e is equivalent to removing nearly 185,000 cars from the road.



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