Take the $800 Savings Challenge!

Each of us can make a difference. Take the first step and commit to some --or all--of the actions on the list below.  Watch your savings in both money and greenhouse gas emissions add up. Your total will be calculated and appear at the bottom of the page. Send us your list to add your savings to our counter. Sign up to receive our monthly list of environmental events and news.

If you do not own or operate a vehicle or own an air conditioner, feel free to take the maximum amount of savings!

Check some boxes & watch your savings add up!

Things you can do
Co2e Impact  
Annual Savings  
Reducing heating temperature by degrees * 0.522 $129
Increasing cooling temperature by degrees * 0.075 $13
Save 4 gallons of water a day, by turning off the water while brushing teeth or reducing shower time by one minute. 0.003 $5
Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs 0.602 $108
Replace home air conditioner filter * 0.083 $15
Plug all appliances that use standby settings (like your TV and stereo) into a power strip and turn off the power strip when not in use. 0.128 $23
Replace outdoor lighting with solar lights *** 0.268  
Eliminate miles of driving per week. **** 0.220 $15
Keep car tuned up and tires properly inflated ** 0.799 $185
Disconnect Downspouts and add a rain barrel 0.018 $8
Recycle every Sunday newspaper instead of throwing it in the trash 0.012  
Install a low flow shower head (assume metered water) 0.054 $89
Reduce shower time by 2 minutes, assuming a pre-1994 showerhead 0.008 $126
Install a motion detector for an outdoor light 0.127 $23
Total Impact & Savings:   0.000(Metric Tons)   $0(USD)

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"I plan to make a difference by decreasing my CO2 impact by 0.000 and saving $0 annually."

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* Based on overall area average heating and air conditioning use. Individual results will vary.
** Assumes vehicle drive 12,500 miles annually.
*** Assumes replacing a 150 W bulb for 8 hours every night for 365 days with a solar powered light.
**** Assumes baseline of average Chicago vehicle travel of 9,138.07 miles.

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