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What would happen if we did nothing to reduce greenhouse gases emissions? How would various levels of reductions of global emissions affect our climate? What would the climate change impacts be on Chicago's infrastructure?
Dozens of experts and a nationally recognized research advisory committee sought to answer these questions and more, contributing to the formation of the Chicago Climate Action Plan. Download the reports below to read their findings.

Translated CCAP Materials (Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu)

Chicago Climate Action Plan Progress Report

Chicago Climate Action Plan Overview (pdf, 1 page, 1MB)>>

Chicago Climate Action Plan 5 Strategies Overview English (pdf, 2 pages, 3MB) >>

Chicago Climate Action Plan 5 Strategies Overview Spanish (pdf, 2 pages, 3MB)>>

Chicago Climate Action Plan, Mandarin (pdf, 14MB) >>>

Chicago Climate Action Plan Progress Report, Mandarin (pdf, 3MB) >>>


Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Creating the Chicago Climate Action Plan (pdf, 38 pages, 1.03MB)>>
Performance Measurement Lessons Learned: A Quick Guide for Municipalities and Entities Tracking Sustainability Performance (pdf, 3 pages, 75 kb)>>



Chicago's Guide to Completing an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (pdf, 37 pages, 1.16 MB)>>
Engaging Chicago's Diverse Communities in the Chicago Climate Action Plan


Implementation Plans

AT Kearney:  Lead by Example Project (pdf, 2 pages, 16kb)>>
Boston Consulting Group: Transportation Strategy (pdf, 13 pages, 525 kb)>>
Katzenbach Partners: Chicago Retrofit Strategy Final Report (pdf, 12 pages, 123 kb)>>


Economic Impacts

Boston Consulting Group: Economic Impacts and Job Potentials for the Chicago Climate Action Plan (pdf, 10 pages, 595 kb)>>


Green Collar Jobs

Potential Workforce Impacts of the Chicago Climate Action Plan: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments (pdf, 27 pages, 348 kb)>>
Career Ladders and Training Gaps in CCAP Workforce Impact Areas:Energy Efficiency, Landscape/Horticulture, and Recycling/Reuse (pdf, 47 pages, 900 kb)>>
Chicago Green Jobs for All (pdf, 24 pages, 823 kb)>>

Climate Change Impacts Fact Sheets

Ecosystems Impacts (pdf, 2 pages,156 kb)>>
Health Impacts (pdf, 2 pages, 196 kb)>>
Water Systems Impacts (pdf, 2 pages, 171 kb)>>
Infrastructure Impacts (pdf, 2 pages, 216 kb)>>
Precipitation Impacts (pdf, 2 pages, 466 kb)>>
Temperature Impacts (pdf, 2 pages, 123 kb)>>

Climate Change and Chicago: Projections and Potential Impacts

Chicago Climate Impacts Report (executive summary) (pdf, 22 pages, 2.48 MB)>>
Chicago Climate Change Impacts Report Summary, June 2008 (pdf, 33 pages,  800 kb)>>
Chapter One: Introduction (pdf, 9 pages, 165 kb)>>
Chapter Two: Climate (pdf, 26 pages, 627 kb)>>
Chapter Three: Water (pdf, 38 pages, 1.29 MB)>>
Chapter Four: Health (pdf, 32 pages, 613 kb)>>
Chapter Five: Ecosystems (pdf, 23 pages, 1.85 MB)>>
Chapter Six: Infrastructure (pdf, 16 pages, 264 kb)>>
Chapter Seven: Conclusions (pdf, 9 pages, 919 kb)>>

Chicago Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation Analysis

2000 and 2005 Baseline and Mitigation Options -- pages 1-118 (pdf, 118 pages, 7.89 MB)>>
2000 and 2005 Baseline and Mitigation Options -- pages 119-266 (pdf, 147 pages, 1.9 MB)>>
2000 and 2005 Baseline and Mitigation Options - Summary (pdf, 42 pages, 749 kb)>>
2010 Emissions Inventory - (pdf, 180 pages, 7.9 MB)

Adaptation to Changes Already Occuring

Quick Guide to Adaptation (pdf, 34 pages, 794 kb)>>
Corporate Risk (pdf, 9 pages, 290 kb)>>

Preparing for Changing Climate: The Chicago Climate Action Plan's Adaptation Strategy (pdf, 4 pages, 880kb) >>

Chicago Climate Action Plan Natural Environment Adaptation Guiding Document May 2011 (pdf, 9 pages, 431kb) >>>


Additional Resources: 

Chicago Corporate Sustainability Report

Building a Sustainable Region: Innovative practices from Metro Chicago’s global corporations (23 pages, 2.7 MB) >>


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