Potential Changes in Precipitation

Heavy rains and snow could become more frequent in winter and spring. Increased intensity of downpours will make travel  more dangerous, flood basements, pollute bodies of water, damage crops, stress the city’s infrastructure and disrupt transportation. During summer, rains may fall more heavily but less frequently, translating to more dry spells as well.

Taking Action

In collaboration with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD), the City will prepare a watershed plan that factors in projected climate changes, the first time these changes will be included  in a Chicago regional infrastructure plan. The City will also collaborate with MWRD and other municipal agencies to find ways to use available space – from vacant land to parking lots – to manage stormwater.



Prepare for Floods

The Chicago Office of Emergency Management Communications produced a brochure to help Chicago residents and businesses prepare for floods. View the brochure here.

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