What is the Organization Challenge?

From corporate companies to congregations to non-profit organizations to little league teams, all groups are welcome to join the City’s Organization Challenge and commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Organization Challenge is a friendly competition to encourage individuals of Chicago-based organizations to collectively achieve more and do more to reduce their carbon footprint.

Representatives will simply create an account for their organization and encourage members of their team to go online and take the $800 Savings Challenge, a recommended list of simple energy efficient actions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save up to $823 each year in household costs.


Creativity and fun are the keys to your success. The CCAP team suggests creating teams of employees by division or office to compete against each other. To build the momentum, offer environmentally-themed surprises and special gifts to the top three divisions. Some motivating prizes also include throwing a pizza party for the winning team or lunch on the boss, or give the winning team a day off to do volunteer work at an environmentally-focused organization of their choice.

Are you up for the challenge? Please email asaffold@global-philanthropy.org to register your organization. Be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Organization Name
  • Requested Password
  • Number of Members in Your Organization


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