Chicago's Green Landscape


Building a Sustainable Region:

Innovative practices from Metro Chicago’s global corporations

Under the auspices of the Green Ribbon Committee, the Chicago Corporate Sustainability Working Group collaborated to produce a report that highlights the region’s unique sustainability leadership.


This regional report showcases concrete examples of the inventive ideas generated by Chicagoland’s environmentally responsible corporations—including their results. It captures innovative work that is conserving precious natural resources, acting to ensure cleaner air and water, making manufacturing processes more efficient.


Together, the stories that make up this report clearly demonstrate that something exciting in corporate sustainability is happening in Metro Chicago.  The business community’s environmental stewardship is reinforcing the region’s position as a global business destination. The group continues to share best practices in sustainable business, identifing the roles that their leadership can play in shaping the region, and celebrating a community that attracts and grows sustainable innovation.


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