Climate Change and Chicago

To assess the impacts of climate change and to develop a plan for the future, the City of Chicago consulted leading scientists to describe various scenarios for Chicago’s climate future and how those would  impact life in the city. The results of the research are both serious and encouraging.

Since 1980, Chicago’s average temperature has increased approximately 2.6 degrees. Our current trajectory poses risks to our economy and health. They demonstrate that we need to act now to reduce our emissions, while preparing for climate changes that cannot be avoided. We face a big challenge--but we have also been granted a big opportunity. Every Chicago resident and business has a role to play in implementing the Chicago Climate Action Plan, which will not only ensure a more livable climate for the world but also for the city. The economy and quality of life could improve. Jobs could be created. New technologies will emerge.

Effects on Chicago:

We are moving in the right direction but we must move faster and on a far broader scale if we hope to make a genuine impact. We believe that the initiatives already underway in Chicago and the strategies and goals outlined in the Chicago Climate Action Plan, can make Chicago a stronger and more resilient city. For more information on the research supporting the Chicago Climate Action Plan, visit the Research & Reports page.


How You Can Get Involved:

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Adaptation: Learn how to adapt to Chicago's changing climate

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