Chicago Climate Action Plan Sweet 16 Accomplishments

Since it's launch in September 2008, the Chicago Climate Action Plan has made progress in many areas. Below are highlights accomplished between January 2008 - December 2009.

  • Retrofitted over 13,400 Dwelling Units and 400 Commercial & Industrial Buildings for Energy Efficiency
  • Traded over 30,500 Refrigerators, Freezers and Air Conditioners for Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Permitted 200 Buildings to New Chicago Energy Code Since April 2009
  • Required Over 1.8 Million Sq. Ft. of Green Roof Space Through Planned Developments
  • Installed 120 Green Alleys
  • Conserved Thirty-Five Million Gallons of Water per Day
  • Increased Chicago Transit Authority Ridership by 5%
  • Added 636 New Car Share Vehicles to the Chicago Area
  • Added 208 new hybrid buses to the Chicago Transit Authority fleet
  • Sold 508,000 Gallons of Alternative Vehicle Fuel
  • Decreased Single Family Waste Disposal by 11.5%
  • Diverted 160,109 Tons of Waste from Landfills Through Waste to Profit Pairings
  • Reduced 81,544 Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Reduced Waste and Industrial Pollution
  • Recycled More Than 1.5 Million Tons of Construction & Demolition Debris Since 2007
  • Developing the Nation’s Largest Urban Solar Power Plant
  • Commenced Three Ground Source Heat Pump Projects
(These numbers may vary slightly due to constant data gathering. The Chicago Climate Action Plan team works to update metrics on a consistent basis.)

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